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Tray handmade of brass with glass 24 x 8 hg 4 cm

Article number RA34206B
Available Available
EAN-number 8714036085406
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Afmetingen 24x8 hg 4 cm
Kleur Gold brass, transparant 
Materiaal Brass, Glass
Land van herkomst India
Overige informatie

This is a handmade product from India. We would like to inform you more about the development & maintenance.The product has been hand crafted, making each one unique in its own way.

It is made from brass & glass and is not painted or coloured in order to keep the natural look of original brass. Due to this some welding point can be visible. These variances are to be expected and are not a sign of defect. By time brass can get darker. This natural process adds to its beauty & authenticity. Polish with dry and soft cloth.


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